William Colquitt

Film                      Film                     Role                        Company                        Director

                      The Music of Souls              Michael Maze       Eternal Light Prod.             Gaylord Parsons

                      Truth Seekers              Michael Maze       Eternal Light Prod.             Gaylord Parsons

                      Deadland              Commander Rufler       Dead Eye Prod.             Damon O’Steen

         29 Reasons to Run              Sheriff Rogers             Dead Eye Prod.             Damon O’Steen

                       Juncture              Stranger                    Rising Sun Pictures         Tunde Anjorin

                  City Champs              Big Stan                    Salsa Verde Prod.           Bobby Light


Stage                                Company                                     Production                                              Role

                          Alliance Theatre                        Peter Pan                             ‘Gentleman Starkey’,

                                                                                                                     Sword Fight Director

                        Acadamy Theatre                        Richard III                            Sword Fight Director

             Atlanta Childrens’ Theatre                        Robin Hood                          ‘Little John’,

                                                                                                                       Fight Director

                                                                        Punch & Judy                       ‘The Hangman’

                                                                        Legend of Silver Arrow           ‘Earth Spirit’

                                                                        Treasure Island                     ‘Blind Pew’ & ‘Johnny’

      DeKalb County Outdoor Drama                        A Cry of Eagles                      Johnathan Brewer’

     Georgia State University Players                        As You Like It                       ‘Jacques’

                                                                        Antigone                              ‘Chorus’

Audio Drama

             Atlanta Radio Theatre Co.                        Ghost Dance                         ‘Standing Tall’

                                                                        The Count                           ‘Count Dracula’

                                                                        Dancer in the Dark                 ‘Prof. De la Prago

                          Centauri Express                        The Happy Man                     ‘The Happy Man’

                                                                        Tomorrow’s Witch                 ‘The Man’


                        Brian Chapman - Improv (2005 - 2007)

                        Nick Conti – Scene Study (1998 – 2004)

                        Eugene Lazarov -  Acting for the camera (1999)

                        Michael Shurtleff – Scene Study (1997)                                 

                        Tony Wright – Stage Sword Combat (1998)

                                SAG Conservatory – On Camera Workshops (1994 – 1998)

Special Skills

                                Stunt Fights,  SCUBA diving (PADI – open water certification),

                        Singing voice – Bass,  Modern and Medieval Sword Fighting,

                        Various Character Voices and Accents

                        Drive Manual Transmission, U.S.A. Passport


William Colquitt  
                                     SAG, AFTRA, AEA
{Copyright (C) 2012 William Colquitt All Rights Reserved}